Sunday, September 03, 2006

Calculation of Sum, Average and Standard Deviation using Functions and Pointers.

Write a function that receives 5 integers and returns the sum, average and standard
deviation of these numbers. Call this function from main() and print the results in main().


int calc (float a, float b, float c, float d, float e, float *sum, float *avg,float *sd);

int main()
float a, b, c, d, e, sum=0.0, avg=0.0;

float sd=0.0;

printf("Enter Five Numbers:");
scanf("%f %f %f %f %f",&a,&b,&c,&d,&e);

calc (a, b, c, d, e, &sum, &amp;avg, &sd);

printf("\nSum=%f", sum);
printf("\nAverage=%f", avg);

printf("\nStandard Deviation=%f\n", sd);


return 0;

calc (float a, float b, float c, float d, float e, float *sum, float *avg, float *sd)

float Calc=0.0;

*sum = a+b+c+d+e;

*avg = *sum / 5.0;

Calc += ( a - *avg) * ( a - *avg);

Calc += ( b - *avg) * ( b - *avg);

Calc += ( c - *avg) * ( c - *avg);
Calc += ( d - *avg) * ( d - *avg);

Calc += ( e - *avg) * ( e - *avg);

*sd = sqrt((double)Calc/5.0);


Notes for calculation of Standard Deviation:

The program can be found at:
Download File


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Ali B said...

SUM (sum), AVG (average), MIN (minimum), MAX (maximum), STDEV (standard deviation), VAR (variance) are implemented here:

jamilaawan said...

i cant understand it please explain it

jamilaawan said...

when this program was run then output of sum,average and standard deviation all are can i correct this error?