Sunday, September 03, 2006

Calculation of Product of Two Numbers using Function - Returns a Float

This program seems to be rather simple. But there's one little thing to be noted in this particular program. The thing is that the function in this program returns a float. The function declaration is usually given outside main..but due to some other standards that I am following, I have prototyed it inside main..but that doesn't cause much of a difference in this simple program.

Write a function which receives a float and an int from main(), finds the product
of these two and returns the product which is printed through main().


int i;
float j, prod;
float product (int x, float y);

printf("Enter the i(int) and j(float):");
scanf ("%d %f", &i, &j);

prod = product(i,j);

printf("Product:%f", prod);


product (int x, float y)

float product;
product = x*y;
return (product);


The program can be found at:
Download File.

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