Sunday, September 03, 2006

C Program - Calculation of Area and Circumference of a Circle using Pointers

The following program is one good example that illustrates how we can return more than one value in a function. The answer is certainly using Pointers. The following program demonstrates the method.

Write a function that calculates both Area and Perimeter/ Circumference of the Circle, whose Radius is
entered through the keyboard.


int radius;
float area, perimeter;

printf("\nEnter radius of a circle:");

scanf ("%d", &radius);
areaperi (radius, &area, &perimeter);

printf("Area=%f", area);
printf("\nPerimeter=%f", perimeter);


areaperi(int r, float *a, float *p)



//This Program exhibits the use of Call By Reference.

The program can be found at:
Download File.

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