Friday, July 14, 2006

Evaluation of Steel Grades

A certain grade of steel is graded according to the following conditions:

1)Hardness must be greater than 50
2)Carbon content must be less than 0.7
3)Tensile strength must be greater than 5600

The grades are as follows:
Grade is 10 if all three conditions are met
Grade is 9 if (1) and (2) are met
Grade is 8 if (2) and (3) are met
Grade is 7 if (1) and (3) are met
Grade is 6 if only one condition is met
Grade is 5 if none of the conditions is met

Write a program which will require the user to give the values of hardness,
carbon content and tensile strength of the steel under consideration and output
the grade of the steel.

int hardness, ts, grade;

float carbon;

printf("Enter the values of hardness, tensile strength and carbon content in the steel:");
scanf("%d %d %f", &hardness, &ts, &carbon);

if ((hardness>50) && (carbon<0.7) && (ts>5600))

printf("Grade 10");
else if ((hardness>50) && (carbon<0.7))

printf("Grade 9");
else if ((carbon<0.7) && (ts>5600))

printf("Grade 8");
else if ((hardness>50) && (ts>5600))

printf("Grade 7");
else if ((hardness>50) || (carbon<0.7) || (ts>5600))

printf("Grade 6");
printf("Grade 5");


The file can be downloaded at:
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