Sunday, July 23, 2006

Calculation of Overtime pay (using while loop)

Write a program to calculate overtime pay of 10 employees. Overtime is paid at

the rate of Rs. 12.00 per hour for every hour worked above 40 hours. Assume that
employees do not work for fractional part of an hour.

int hours, employees;

float overtime_rate, overtime_pay, overtime, break_time;


while (employees<=10)

printf ("\nEnter the number of Hours you have worked: " );

scanf ("%d", &hours);

while (hours>40)


printf ("\nEnter the fractional part of overtime you haven't worked (in hours):");
/*This will take care of the break. The fractional part for which the employee
did not work!!! */

scanf ("%f", &break_time);

overtime = hours - 40 - break_time;

overtime_rate = 12.00;

overtime_pay = overtime_rate * overtime;

printf ("Your overtime pay is:%f", overtime_pay);




if (hours<40)
printf("You have not worked hard enough. \nYou won't get any overtime! ");




The file can be found at:
Download File


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