Saturday, July 01, 2006

Calculation of Gross Salary using if-else statement

This program simply calculates the simple interest from the given conditions. It just demonstrates the use of the if-else statement.

In a company if an employee is paid as under:
If his basic salary is less than Rs. 1500, then HRA=10% of basic salary and DA=90% of
basic salary.
If his salary is either equal to or above Rs. 1500, then HRA = Rs. 500 and DA = 98% of
basic salary.
If the employee's salary is input through the keyboard write a program to find his
gross salary.


float bs, gs, da, hra;

printf ("Enter basic salary:");

scanf ("%f", &bs);

if (bs<1500)




gs=bs + hra + da;

printf ("gross salary = Rs. %f", gs);

The file can be found at:
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Anonymous said...

well thanks a lot, was very helpful... hope we get some more different examples.