Saturday, July 01, 2006

Calculation of Bonus using 'if' statement

This program is nothing but the demonstration of 'if' statement.

The current year and the year in which the employee joined the organization
are entered through the keyboard.
If the number of years for which the employee has served the organization
is greater than 3 then a bonus of Rs. 2500/- is given to the employee.
If the years of service are not greater than 3, then the program should not do anything.

main ()

int bonus, cy, yoj, yr_of_ser;

printf ("Enter current year and year of joining: ");

scanf ("%d %d", &cy, &yoj);

yr_of_ser = cy - yoj;

if (yr_of_ser>3)
bonus = 2500;

printf ("Bonus = Rs. %d", bonus);

The File can also be downloaded at:
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